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Related article: Date : Wed, October 18, 2000 21 56th EDT 31 From: Double A Subject : Broken Dreams... Part 8 technically, from manufacturing, the timid gesture and I agree, that became a couple. Of course I have never met, just by looking at ot even ourselves in a conversation with us. Well, maybe if we really only heard hand. For the first two weeks after this little incident, which quickly was not mention of it again, and went ahead with our friends from school, however, from time to time and recall, among them about the love we feel. for the importance of that, if they show no signs. You might also have been told each other that had a red sweater or something. Maybe it was just me, though. I must admit that even after all the n I'm still not 100% sure that I liked Chris as he loved me. I mean, I knew I loved him - that was part of ding dong - but I was not n sure that we're actually ahead. That is, never mentioned Chris that was gay, ALTHough all, I love you, what would have been n a good indicator. On the other hand, which can last from a few friends who think that loved one without feeling the need to have sex with them. then Return of the sexual contact was not necessary, even in a love relationship. But I digress. Chris and I went to say we were in love with all the other, until one day in early May. School started, Summary, end of exams were around the corner and was our first half ended. Chris and I were the two figures, dressed in black, despite the heat Montreal is the beginning of summer, and just sit in the cafeteria and talk. " Are there any plans for the summer? " I asked. ". Actually, no," replied: ".. Well, I 'm doing a" job " Above all, you just go for a summer job or something, and I hope much Nn Preteen sleep, " he told me. "I live alone and that help to pay for things " " You have your own place? " He asked, surprised. Now, had known for almost four months, how sad it was that we haven't know where the others? Come to think of it,how sad it was s that s two people who are supposedly "in love " had never seen each outside school hours ? "Yes, I know. " I said, then added that I heard myself say, " Want to come to School? " do not know why I had said, but once it was over, I was treated like a joking comment. I had to go the smirk and look in my eyes, so that as he said surprised me, "Yes, of course. ". " Really? " I asked. smiled and shrugged his shoulders and looked adorable as always. "Yes, why not, would be nice to see you live I have not a lot of homework this week, and material I have, I'll finish later. 'm Sure you could use a few free hours. " so nervous than normal, I told Chris to meet me outside the front behind the doors and took lessons home with me. He liked it when I said, dass So after school that day I stood before the door of Vanier College and Chris waited for the dumbfuck standing around smoking. S I knew this could be the beginning of our current relationship, so that very nervous. Chris and I usually talk a few minutes, when n or should I go to class. Sure, we said we loved each other, but n is real, or just enjoy telling and hearing, said again ? Well, he came a few hours, and we have to do. Also I clean the litter box recently, or was it the place smell n'll hell up? What a shame would it be? ! Come to think of it, I clean the place at all lately, or if there were dishes piled in the sink and cat hair tumbleweeds all over the floor ? " Hey, Dave. 'N I turned around and saw Chris standing, and smiled.. " Hey, Chrissie Ready to go "n He shrugged and said : "Of course we go.. " And we left. Out of respect for me, and his knowledge that bothers me, we have the metro , instead of its journey to us. When we nde road, surrounded by empty storefronts and the general atmosphere of the lower class case, I was so sure he responds. Aaron had. When Aaron could see where I lived, went over and over again, like I'm n may be much better, and how to live in an area so poor just is not to me. But Chris did not. He said nothing until we reached the entrance the building, and then was all he said. " I'm glad somehow I na see where I live Nn Preteen I feel Nn Preteen we have a thing never done before before" I smiled when I opened the door and said: ". well, it's the most beautiful In addition, however, it is my fault.. I never thought of him, , but only because it means you do not want, or something like " n Chris shrugged :"... not really, I mean, I did it anyway, but was not sure of How do anyway. I'm glad you invited me. I am very happy to be with you out of school, anyway. I love you. " " I love you too. " I said with a smile, we like crazys our way stairs. When we reached the door I turned around and saw Chris: " Well, maybe a little dirty there, so do not be too surprised or anything. " N smiled "I promise I will not. " with these words she opened the door and led him into the house and we have off our shoes, then went to the room. " So what do you mean ?" I asked, turning to him. His eyes were not doing anything at home, and finally turned to meet me and said, "... It is clean, smells a bit, but that's ok It's really n some ways, it's okay " I nodded and stood there and stared, not knowing what to do next. seemed to have the same absence of an idea. " So.. " I began, "Umm... What do you do now ? " N He shrugged his shoulders and sat on the black chair, was the only \\ \\ n Furniture in the living room.. " I do not know we could talk, I believe that love conversation with you.. " I went and sat on the armrest of the chair, and said : " Yes, I love talk to youas well. It is so great that we're here and we really spend some time alone together. " Chris smiled," Yes, I am very happy to finally do this. People are like fools and idiots, but you are different. You do not have as other people. You 're smart and you're very sweet and real. Everyone else is very wrong. " I nodded," You are the only school that does not tell me anything, and I care about you. I love you, Chris. " He nodded and leaned a little more on the arm where I was sitting " I love you too, Dave. I feel like... I do not know... " I could see in his eyes, and took the initiative to reach down and my ​​arms around him while he was sitting. He raised his arms and wrapped his arms n to me, and we sat side by side in his chair and hugged other options. I could not remember the feeling of a better feeling than n, and so far.
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